Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 1 - Famous Artists Course Chapter 1

So I just completed reading cover to cover the entire first chapter of the Famous Artists Course. I was concerned about the load of work I'd set for myself being too light, but this Artist Course book will keep me very busy. It took me probably 4 ish hours to read the whole thing but there's days worth of work for me to do out of the reading I did. So I just went in with stickies and marked all of the pages I will be revisiting when I decide to sit down and put pencil, pen, and brush to paper. So I'm pretty happy with the workload I will be having afterall. I think this will be a pretty good pace for me.

I'm also happy that a majority of my work will be in drawing itself, since I feel, design-wise, that is my biggest weakness. I'm not a very strong drawer. But I'll get there.

To briefly sum up what I read over the last few hours, it basically teaches you to how to familiarize yourself with four major media that were used in illustration at the time in the 50s and 60s. Those media are: pencil, pen (with inkwells and everything!), watercolor wash, and watercolor opaque. And while some of the things mentioned in the book are a bit outdated, the basics of drawing are and will always be the same. So this course will be very useful to me.

I put the first chapter away for now to take a break from it but the main points I gathered about drawing in general are 1)even the now masters, were beginners who didn't know how to draw at one point, and 2)the only way to learn to draw, is to draw.

And with that I think I'm going to call this done. While the "all-nighter" I was going to pull last night, didn't happen (I got tired and passed out at 6am), I have been up all night tonight and Erik and I will be going to get breakfast here soon. So I'm going to take a mental break from working for now. Later I'll be posting answers to the first part of questions from the self help book, and working on the pencil drawing part of the Artist Class first chapter.

It's been a good couple of days so far. I feel good about where this "class" is going to go for me. Anyways, signing off. Keep it classy, San Diego. ;P

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