Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1 - The Beginning

Super quick educational/professional bio on me:

1984 - 2002: Birth through HS graduation
2003 - 2004: Community college in Eastern Wa. with no particular focus/direction.
2004 - 2005: Iraq as an Army photojournalist.
2005 - 2006: Graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle, quit after a year due to life issues.
2006-2007: Another year of unfocused education at a community college that ends in no degree.
2007-2009: Completed two years of school and got a degree in Veterinary Technology.
2009-2010: Worked as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, before making a tragic error at work and losing my job.
2010-present: Unemployed, working on brushing up on my art skills, applying to the Art Institute of Hollywood, where I will be attending starting in October, most likely for Web design.

I've been increasingly depressed at the lack of structure in my life, ending with this last week being pure misery. So I've spent all day planning out an entire syllabus for a self-administered intro to web design class. I purchased some books and split the chapters up by week. This will keep me busy and learning from now until we leave in September.

Here is my syllabus, with week by week plans of what I will be reading and working on.

All that is left now is to plan out a specific schedule for each week on a day-by-day basis so I know what I will be doing at what time. My plan is to work Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday nights I will plan the next week's schedule.

I will also be posting a blog every day on here reflecting on the things I've learned during the day, as well as posting whatever sketch/art/design I have made that day.

So, this is my official first post, and I think this is about the end of it.

Let class begin.

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